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Topiary Creations specializes only in the growing of bougainvillea, topiary and tropical shrubs. Our dedicated expertise to the art of topiaries and commitment to quality have made Topiary Creations the premier provider of bougainvillea, topiary and tropical shrubs throughout the Southeastern United States.

Family-owned and operated since 1989, Topiary Creations knows the value of maintaining strong relationships with its customers, vendors and employees, and so places a premium on dealing with honesty and integrity in all aspects of its business.

Topiary Creations places an emphasis on professionalism. Our dedicated and knowledgeable nursery staff and sales team strive to provide a sales experience and service unmatched in the plant industry.

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Superior Quality, Integrity and First Class Service

Topiary Creations specializes in the growing of topiary shrubs and Bougainvillea. Our goal is to provide the healthiest, heartiest plants possible. We accomplish this by beginning with superior varieties, using the highest grade soil mixes and fertilizers, and then shaping and pruning each plant by hand.